Summer Tree Care Tips for Seattle Homeowners

Seattle, WA arborists share how to take care of your trees during the summer months 5 Tips for Summer Tree Care Trees are the oldest living things on the planet. They can live for thousands of years and give life to the world through their production of oxygen and food.

Summer Time Tree Care Seattle

Seattle, WA arborists share how to take care of your trees during the summer months

5 Tips for Summer Tree Care

Trees are the oldest living things on the planet. They can live for thousands of years and give life to the world through their production of oxygen and food. They provide shade and offer a natural way of keeping cool on this increasingly hot planet. Not only are they practical for life, they also add beauty to streets, yards, and public spaces. Though they live much longer than humans, they still need care and support from people. As a tree service company, we are here to help you keep and improve the health of your trees. Here are a few tips to help your trees get through the summer season.

Adding Mulch

Organic mulch helps to protect moisture, feed, and maintain the soil around the tree. If done incorrectly, however, mulching can be detrimental to the tree’s health. Follow these simple guidelines and your trees will be healthy and growing:

  1. Clean: Clear away old mulch and debris from the trunk and root area. This includes any grass or weeds among the roots.
  2. Place mulch: Use a medium ground mulch and place it only 2-4 inches deep. Any depth greater than 4 inches can smother the roots.
  3. Stay away from the trunk: Allow the root flare—the spot where the trunk widens just above ground level—to be open to the air. In other words, make a mulch donut around the tree trunk. Mulch gathered around the trunk can invite pests and diseases to attack the tree. 

Watering and Irrigation

Watering is the first step in tree health care. As with any living thing, water is essential to the life and health of a tree. Even established trees need water to flourish when there has been an actual drought or just a long, hot, and dry period. The best way to do this is to use a soaker hose so the water can slowly filter through the soil and down to the roots. The majority of roots are only a foot to a foot and a half below the surface.

Inspecting for Pests

While tree pest inspection is a job for a professional arborist, a homeowner can recognize certain signs that there is a problem with the tree. The first sign is the destruction of the leaves, then there may be some damage to the trunk or bark. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to contact a tree service company so the proper treatment for your trees can be determined. We don’t currently offer any diagnostic or chemical treatments at Seattle Tree Care, but we recommend using local resources like the King County Master Gardeners program or the UW Plant Answer Line to learn more about what may be impacting your tree.

Branch Bracing or Removal

Any tree can be susceptible to what is known as structural failure: splitting, cracking, or falling. While some species of trees are more prone to this sort of breakage than others, any tree can be impacted. This is why a tree risk assessment by a TRAQ arborist is imperative for proper tree care.

Weak or splitting branches do not necessarily need to be removed, they can be supported through cabling and bracing. This involves putting braces through split branches and using cables to attach them to other parts of the tree for support. After installation, bracing needs to be inspected regularly for integrity. The arborist who installs the support system can recommend how frequently it should be inspected.

Necessary Tree Pruning

Sometimes, due either to decay or disease, there is no way for a branch to be saved. Tree trimming is a necessary service for healthy trees, for landscaping, and the risk of limb breakage. Branch and tree removal is not a DIY project, it needs to be done by professionals who understand how to properly cut trees and avoid potential risks to the tree and surrounding structures. Don’t get hurt or damage your trees, let us help care for your largest living things!

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