Arborist Services

Sometimes trees require more than the typical tree services other companies provide. Specialized arborist services provide you with peace of mind knowing that your trees (and loved ones) are protected from a wide range of threats.


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What to Expect

All Arborist Services are performed under the supervision of one of our ISA Certified Arborists.

  1. Consultation & Assessment

    After an initial consultation to discuss your goals and concerns, the arborist will assess the condition of your tree(s). This may include inspecting the trees for signs of disease or damage and identifying any potential hazards or risks.

  2. Plan & Proposal

    Based on the results of the initial inspection, the arborist will develop a plan for your trees. This plan will outline the specific services needed to address your needs and concerns.

  3. Scheduling & Service

    Once the proposal has been reviewed and accepted, our office will schedule the work with you. Our Arborist Crew will proceed with the specified service(s). As always, this includes a thorough cleanup and removal of any debris created during the work. 

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Arborist Services


Structural Support (Cabling & Bracing)

Tree cabling and bracing is a preventive technique to support trees with poor or weak structure. Tree cabling and/or bracing reduces stress damage on your tree from wind, ice and snow, and heavy foliage. At Seattle Tree Care, we install flexible steel strand cables and braces to help strengthen weak branches or limbs. We can identify weak points and examine bark and stems, which can be signs of tree weakness. 


Lightning Protection

A lightning protection system can be installed in your tree(s) to lower the chance of your trees (and nearby structures) being damaged. These systems consist of a copper cable line that runs along the tree that intercepts a lightning bolt. The bolt is guided to the ground instead of striking the tree. Professional installation is important to avoid doing more harm to the tree, or worse, the surrounding area.

Tree Inventory


Perfect for Property Owners of All Kinds

Tree inventories aren't just for commercial properties or large areas like parks and golf courses. Any property owner will benefit from the comprehensive inspection and documentation of trees and tree health that are part of a thorough tree inventory. If any of the points below describe you, you may want to consider having a professional tree inventory performed.

  • Preparing for a home renovation project
  • Working with your city on construction permitting
  • Beginning or reigniting your tree care journey
  • New to your property
  • Looking to diagnose sick trees
  • Interested in staying ahead of safety issues
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A tree inventory is a comprehensive survey that includes an aerial site map and catalog of tree species, size, health condition, and protected status under municipal regulations.

At Seattle Tree Care, all Tree Inventories are prepared by an ISA Certified Arborist and include species-specific care recommendations to assist property owners in understanding long-term tree protection and maintenance.

What's included in a Seattle Tree Care tree inventory?


A site visit by an ISA Certified Arborist who will perform a thorough assessment of all trees with a diameter (at chest height) of 6 inches and larger


A catalog of the trees on your property, including their size, current health condition, and protected status in your municipality


An aerial site map identifying any environmentally critical areas on your property


A Tree Species Profile for each type of tree on your property, including basic information about the tree, common issues the species faces in our area, and tree care recommendations so you'll know how best to keep your trees safe and healthy


Get Your Arborist Services From Seattle Tree Care

We recognize that you have many options when it comes to caring for your trees. Here are some of the reasons why we could be the best choice for you.

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Having many ISA Certified Arborists on staff ensures that all tree work is performed to industry standards to maintain the health and safety of your trees and landscape.

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We provide free estimates and clear recommendations so you'll know what needs to be done and why. We're always happy to answer questions and provide tree care advice.

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Seattle Tree Care has been locally owned and operated since 2007. We have extensive local knowledge and experience related to trees in the greater Seattle area.

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