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Looking upward at healthy green trees against a blue sky with the sun peeking through the branches.

8 Summer Tree Care Tips for Seattle Homeowners

June 20, 2024

Follow these summer tree care tips to keep your trees thriving during Seattle’s increasingly hot, dry summer months.

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Spring time in Seattle.

10 Spring Tree Care Tips For Your Seattle-Area Property

March 29, 2024

When spring rolls around, your trees need some extra care. Here’s how you can take care of your trees in spring.

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Apple tree laden with ripe red apples

How to Maximize Fruit Production: A Guide to Boost Your Seattle Fruit Trees’ Yield

January 29, 2024

Essential tips to maximize fruit production in Seattle’s fruit trees. Discover the vital tree care practices to help your fruit trees produce more and bigger fruit.

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Pink and white dogwood flowers bloom from their branch above partially shaded lush green grass.

Top 5 Spring-Flowering Trees for Seattle

May 10, 2023

Flowering trees are a sure sign that spring has finally arrived in Seattle. While there are many spring-flowering trees in the Puget Sound area, we’re sharing the five beauties that top our list.

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A climber doing spring pruning on a tree in the Seattle/Puget Sound area.

Spring Pruning for Your Trees and Shrubs

March 8, 2023

As our plants start to breathe life again, is it OK to prune them? What can you prune? What shouldn’t be trimmed right now? We’ve got the answers right here!

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Protecting Trees from Ice and Snow

November 17, 2022

Ice and snow can damage and even kill your trees. Learn how to keep them safe all winter with help from Seattle Tree Care.

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Winter Tree Safety Tips from Your Seattle Tree Care Arborists

November 2, 2022

Safety during Seattle’s storm season starts with prevention. A fallen branch could seriously injure someone and it can also hurt your home by falling on your roof, breaking through your window, or knocking down your gutters.

Every tree is different. Some types of trees are quick growing, which can mean weaker wood leading to more storm damage. Tree size and age typically go hand in hand, so consider how great a threat your tree poses based on its size and placement on your property.

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Winter Tree Care Solutions for Seattle Trees

January 12, 2022

Seattle tree care experts explain the benefits of winter tree pruning Winter is an excellent time to prune dead and hazardous branches out of trees. Why? It’s easier to spot potential hazards such as cracks, defects and deadwood in leafless trees, and apply corrective pruning when necessary.   The Best Time to Identify Tree Issues “Many…

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How to Prevent Winter Tree Damage

January 30, 2020

Tree Service Experts in Seattle, WA Offer Quality Tips to Protect Your Trees In The Winter Season As a homeowner, keeping your property and family safe is going to be a major priority. While most people focus on things inside, like plumbing and electrical, your outdoor elements can be just as dangerous. Your trees offer…

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Seattle Tree Care Arborist project manager Ethan Childs

Assessing Your Trees After a Winter Storm

January 15, 2020

It’s that time of year again when weather forecasts have us all looking up toward the sky in anticipation, but when you do you may also want to look a bit lower and assess your trees. If you have trees, especially large trees, near your home or in your yard it is always a good…

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