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Seattle Tree Care provides tree removals, pruning, trimming, pest and disease control, and more to help you enjoy safe, healthy, and attractive trees.

Who We Are

Situated on the banks of Lake Washington, Bellevue is truly one of our favorite places to provide tree care in the Seattle area. This gorgeous gem of a city takes great care of its trees, and it shows. If you want the very best for your property, you’re going to love working with Seattle Tree Care.

Our Bellevue, WA, tree service does it all, from dangerous tree removal to corrective pruning. To schedule your tree care service, contact us at (206) 789-0534

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We’re always upfront, honest, and fair.

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We make it simple for you, handling everything from permitting to waste removal.

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Why We Love Providing Tree Care in Bellevue

We love caring for trees in Bellevue because this city is packed with nature. From Bellevue Botanical Garden to Mercer Slough Nature Park, you’ll find gorgeous trees at every turn. We also enjoy the unique challenge of caring for trees that overhang the water

Our Tree Care Services 

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Tree Removal

Got a tree that’s growing dangerously close to power lines or your sewer line? Maybe you’d like to let a bit more sunlight into your yard. Our full-service company can remove any size tree, and we’ll even haul away the debris for you at no extra charge. We also offer stump grinding after removing trees.
Bellevue requires property owners to apply for a permit to remove certain trees. If your project requires a permit, we can obtain one for you.

Emergency Cropped


24/7 Emergency Tree Service

As a city on the waterfront, Bellevue can get the occasional nasty storm, some of which are powerful enough to send trees toppling over. If a tree has landed on your house, we’ll arrive on the scene to quickly remove it without doing further damage. Call us for storm damage cleanup now.

A Seattle Tree Care arborist pruning a tree in Medina, WA during winter.


Pruning and Trimming

Residents of Bellevue take pride in their well-kept trees. If you do, too, call us to set up a regular pruning schedule. We prune trees of all sizes, from small trees using pole pruners, to the largest trees that require bucket trucks or our expert team of tree climbers. We’ll haul away the debris once we’re done to save you a trip to the landfill and to keep your yard pristine.

Tree Health Cropped


Arborist Tree Inspections and Risk Assessment

Need a tree risk assessment? Want to know how to best care for your beloved trees? Reach out to us for a tree health management consultation with a Certified Arborist. Our Bellevue, WA, tree service can:

  • Install tree cabling and bracing to safeguard weak trees
  • Set up lightning protection to shield trees from Bellevue storms
  • Inventory the trees on your lot and give you actionable care recommendations
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Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Bellevue’s soil is naturally rich in nutrients, but your tree may need a helping hand. We offer regular deep-root fertilization services to keep your tree lush all year.

We can also apply tree growth regulators, temporarily slowing a tree’s growth for about three years. This gives your tree the chance to recover if it’s ill as they develop more fibrous roots and become less susceptible to stressors like drought and pest problems.



Insect and Disease Treatment for Trees and Shrubs

Trees in Bellevue face an endless army of pests and diseases, such as emerald ash borers, longhorn beetles, woodwasps, European canker, and powdery mildew. Our insect pest management service can treat all of these and more, all while helping to prevent future pest problems.

We’re Your One-Stop Shop for Bellevue Tree Care

We’ve proudly served the Bellevue area since 2007 and are intimately familiar with the needs of local trees. Here’s why you can trust us:

  • Our company employs 12 ISA-Certified Arborists who are experts in tree care
  • We provide honest, upfront quotes with no surprise fees
  • We offer free, detailed estimates
  • We always answer your calls
  • We arrive for work on time every time


Bellevue requires a tree removal permit for the following:

  • Trees that are in the public right-of-way
  • Landmark trees (24 inches in diameter, four feet above existing grade, and at least 20 feet tall)
  • Trees in a retained vegetation area or native growth protection area
  • Trees located in an R-1 Zone in Bridle Trails
  • The removal of five or more significant trees (eight inches in diameter and four feet above the existing grade)

Need help with tree permit applications? Call us today at 206-789-0534

Trusted and Recommended by Bellevue Residents

Bellevue residents love Seattle Tree Care! Take a look at our great customer reviews

  • “Seattle Tree Care came to my aid when a wind storm caused several large branches of my giant cedar to break and fall. They showed up immediately after I called and dealt with the situation with great compassion and professionalism.”
  • “The speed at which they work is impressive and the crew operated like a well-oiled machine. I won’t hesitate to reach out to Seattle Tree Care again for any of our arborist needs.”
  • “They were friendly and professional and I recommend them and would use them again for sure.”

Best tree service ever! Prompt, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly work crews, responsive arborist and office support, plus excellent prices for jobs, big and small. After several excellent experiences with Seattle Tree Care, I definitely look forward to working with them again!

Susanna W


We engaged Seattle Tree Care to prune a number of trees, with specific varying goals that required the team to take and follow detailed notes (which they did perfectly). We care about our trees deeply (I planted all of them myself and had previously done the pruning on my own). We were thoroughly pleased with the care they exercised and the value of their quality work! Would recommend them to anyone.

Mark Elster

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Ready to schedule tree disease treatment or prevention, tree trimming, or urban tree removal? Call Seattle Tree Care at 206-789-0534 to book your Bellevue, WA, tree service now.

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Tree Care Resources in Bellevue, WA

Looking to learn more about caring for your, planting new trees, or local regulations regarding trees? Check out these helpful local tree resources:

Why Trust Us With Your Trees?

Here’s why we should be your number-one pick for tree care in Bellevue:

  • When you work with us, it’s just like talking to a trusted neighbor. You’ll get reliable advice you can always count on.
  • We never leave you in the dark regarding your project. We stay in touch from the moment you call to the end of our work.
  • We’re the first family-owned, local tree company in the area to be accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).