Winter Tree Safety Tips from Your Seattle Tree Care Arborists

Safety during Seattle’s storm season starts with prevention. A fallen branch could seriously injure someone and it can also hurt your home by falling on your roof, breaking through your window, or knocking down your gutters.

Every tree is different. Some types of trees are quick growing, which can mean weaker wood leading to more storm damage. Tree size and age typically go hand in hand, so consider how great a threat your tree poses based on its size and placement on your property.

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Reduce Wildfire Risk With These Tree Care Tips

ISA Certified Arborists from Seattle Tree Care share how to reduce fire hazards on your property.  While Seattle’s unusually cool and wet summer weather this year has meant less fire-related danger, it’s still important to take proper action to reduce fire hazards on your property. A good fire mitigation plan starts with the tree care. …

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A Look Inside an Arborist’s Toolbox


Local Seattle tree service company takes a moment to talk about the tools of their trade.  As with every profession, being an arborist requires the use of certain tools to help them accomplish their responsibilities. Just as a healthcare professional needs a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope, a tree health professional needs special equipment to…

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5 Signs it’s Time to Cut Down Your Tree

Expert Arborists in Seattle, WA, Will Discuss Tree Illnesses and When You Should Have Your Tree Cut Down Your Guide to Tree Removal Trees live for hundreds of years. They are hardy and very much needed for many species to survive in the world. But sometimes, cutting down a tree is necessary for the protection…

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Should I Remove Vines Growing On My Trees?

Here in the Emerald City, we are lucky to encounter lush, tree-lined vistas throughout our urban environment. Trees help create healthy ecosystems, increase property values, and contribute to a well-functioning and effective network of public utilities. But not all greenery is created equal! We see a mosaic of native, ornamental, and invasive species interact in…

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Tree Maintenance for Fire Mitigation

A clearing of trees are shrouded in smoke.

Drought and carelessness have resulted in a wildfire season that lasts for months on the West Coast. Flora and fauna fall victim to the heat and flames, smoke and ash make the air unbreathable, and people are losing their homes and even their lives. As the fires creep closer, homeowners on the West Coast may…

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Can You Save a Tree Struck by Lightning?

Expert Arborists in Seattle, WA, Share Important Information About Proper Care for a Tree Struck by Lightning The Aftermath When a Tree is Struck by Lightning When a tree is struck by lightning, you may see minimal outward damage, but it doesn’t mean that the tree is fine. Lightning is incredibly powerful and anytime it…

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