Mobile Food Drive Benefitting Rainier Valley Food Bank

At Seattle Tree Care, supporting people goes hand in hand with supporting their trees. The greater Seattle area is our community, and this food drive is one way we can support it.


The Importance of Dormant Season

In the tree care world, when the deciduous trees go to sleep, an Arborist knows it’s time to get to work. Taking care of trees during their dormant period is an important aspect of tree care. It allows us to see structural flaws in trees, prune with less threat of disease and pests, and helps us guide trees into long, happy, and healthy futures.

At Seattle Tree Care, supporting people goes hand in hand with supporting their trees. Winter can be tough. Days are short and dark and wet. Heating bills go up, moods go down. This time of year presents an opportunity to give our community a little more care and attention so we can all grow and blossom in the spring.

A Mobile Food Drive

The greater Seattle area is our community. We gather Monday through Friday in Magnolia and travel all across the city and Eastside to serve people and care for their trees.

From Bellevue to West Seattle, from Capitol Hill to Shoreline, our staff visits different properties every weekday, meeting trees and making connections.

Rainier Valley Food Bank is one of our clients. It directly serves the same people and families where our team works, lives, and spends time. This winter, we are putting our mobility to good use with a mobile food drive that will benefit the Rainier Valley Food Bank.

How to Participate

We’d love you to participate in this food drive with us at every step of our service:

  • If you’re getting a free project proposal from us
  • If you’ve booked us for a project
  • If you follow us on social media

If you’re receiving a free proposal from one of our ISA Certified Arborists, we invite you to have donations ready for pick up while they’re on-site for their initial visit.

Our Arborist Crew can also collect any donations while we’re on-site caring for your trees.

We recommend having your donations outside, anywhere dry and accessible, where they can be collected even if you’re unavailable.

What to Donate

See below for a list of suggested donations from the Rainier Valley Food Bank. You’re welcome to donate other non-perishable items that are not on this list. We’ll be collecting donations until Friday, March 10.

 Rice Hamburger Helper Nuts, Dried Fruit Cold/Hot Cereal Dry Beans & Lentils Flour, Sugar, Cooking Oil Popcorn Herbs/Spices Canned Fruit Small Pasta Noodles Instant Mashed Potatoes Nutrient Replacement Drinks Nut Butter Apple Sauce Winter Coats Dog Food Cat Food Thermal Socks Soap Deodorant Tissues Pads & Tampons Toothpaste & Toothbrushes Hairbrushes/Combs Body Lotion Infant Formula Diapers Size 1-3 Paper Bags with Handles 


If you prefer to donate funds directly, Rainier Valley will use your monetary support to ensure their buying power all year long!

Feel free to call our office with any questions or ask one of our team members.

Kelsey Gruenwoldt

Kelsey is the owner and CEO of Seattle Tree Care, a Certified Arborist, and founder of the Seattle Arborist Association. As a fourth-generation Seattle native, she has a great appreciation for this beautiful region and is dedicated to making sure our area's trees receive the best care possible. + Learn more about Kelsey

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