Seattle Tree Care Earns TCIA Accreditation

We are the first locally-owned tree service in the Seattle area to earn Accreditation! Learn what that means, the benefits of hiring an Accredited tree care company, and how Accreditation protects you and your trees.

Seattle Tree Care recently became accredited in accordance with tree care company Accreditation standards put forth by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), the trade association for commercial tree care companies.

We are the first locally-owned tree service in the Seattle area to earn TCIA Accreditation and one of only 9 companies in Washington state with this industry qualification.

Being part of this elite group of professional tree care companies is both an honor and an ongoing responsibility (it requires periodic recertification to ensure that all criteria are continuously met). Getting here took a lot of hard work and we’re proud of everyone on the STC team who gave their best to make it happen.

What is TCIA Accreditation?

TCIA Accreditation is the only program of its kind in the tree care industry.

It is a voluntary process in which a tree care business is closely evaluated to ensure that professional practices and standards are met by all employees who work on a homeowner’s property.

To achieve business Accreditation, the tree care company must undergo an extensive review of professional practices aimed at safeguarding homeowners and commercial tree service clients, including:

  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Best business practices
  • Formal employee training
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Adherence to state, federal, and industry safety and quality standards
  • Insurance coverage

Check our Accreditation status here:  Find a TCIA Accredited Company

Why Hire an Accredited Tree Service Company?

Magnifying glass enlarging the central portion of the TCIA Accreditation logo.

Consumer Protection

When you hire a tree care company that has been Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association, you can rest assured that the company has been thoroughly checked for anything that could affect how you’re treated as a customer and how well the work is done. For example, Seattle Tree Care was required to demonstrate the following (among other things):

  • proper insurance that specifically covers tree work, as well as workers compensation insurance coverage
  • applicable state, municipal, and other licenses necessary to do tree work in the greater Seattle metro area, such as being a Registered Tree Service Provider with the Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections
  • reliable and ethical customer service practices
  • professionalism in arboriculture, such as by providing regular training, hiring Certified Arborists, and encouraging team members to gain additional tree care certifications
  • strict operating standards that emphasize safety and are closely followed at all time

As a further measure of protection to tree care customers, businesses undergo renewal check-ups annually. The annual renewal ensures that the company continues to employ trained professionals, is still properly insured, and has a good safety and consumer satisfaction rating. Accredited tree care companies must also re-apply every three years so that their practices can be thoroughly reviewed and the continuation of best business practices can be verified.

Expert, Professional Tree Service

TCIA Accredited companies are the source for expert, professional tree service.

Look for TCIA’s Accreditation logo to ensure you’re getting the best service possible if you’re searching for quality tree service in your area.

An Accredited Tree Care Company Can Save You Money

It may not be the first thing you think about, but working with a TCIA Accredited tree service often means that you save money in the long run. While you may pay more upfront to hire a fully-insured, certified, licensed, and accredited company, it pays off over time.

Because all tree work is done according to professional standards by highly-trained employees, your trees will be healthier. Instead of redoing poor work over and over, it’s done correctly the first time. Improper practices, such as tree topping or pruning off too much at once, will decrease the beauty and longevity of your trees. A lack of training often leads to mistakes, such as improperly diagnosing pest or disease problems and applying the wrong (or ineffective) treatments, compromising the health of your trees. A lack of proper insurance puts you and your property at risk. And failure to abide by any of the Seattle area tree work codes could cost you more than just money.

Hiring a TCIA Accredited tree company means these problems are avoided. In the end, you save time, energy, and money managing your trees, and get to enjoy their beauty without worrying whether or not they’re properly cared for.

For more details and to see how Seattle Tree Care can help protect your trees, give us a call at 206-789-0534 or request a quote using our online form.

Kelsey Gruenwoldt

Kelsey is the owner and CEO of Seattle Tree Care, a Certified Arborist, and founder of the Seattle Arborist Association. As a fourth-generation Seattle native, she has a great appreciation for this beautiful region and is dedicated to making sure our area's trees receive the best care possible. + Learn more about Kelsey

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